How CoD can help you

Various symptoms of Subhealth:


 • constant tiredness and fatigue despite adequate sleep
• weakened immunity, frequent colds and in general being in "poor health"
• excessive mucus formation
• water retention (puffy face, "heavy legs " etc.)
• sensation of foreign body in the throat ("lump in the throat")
• stomach problems with occasional nausea or diarrhoea occurring without any reason
• reduced concentration, forgetfulness
• general feelings of malaise which cannot be specifically defined
• feeling like a “wet rag” due to frequent and excessive consumption of alcohol, fatty and sweet food, nicotine or drugs
• sagging skin, premature aging of skin

When can CoD red rice capsules help you?

 Risk factors for atherosclerosis:

• High cholesterol levels or
• Genetic predisposition
• Overweight
• Regular alcohol consumption
• Smoking
• Lack of exercise
• Improper diet








Detoxified, relaxed and full of energy with CoD

14 days detox against chronic fatigue and immune deficiency

70 capsule pack CoD herbal granules capsules

Many people are experiencing a lack of energy, they feel listless and tired and suffer from frequent infections and different kinds of inflammation. Nevertheless it is hard to escape the stressful duties of our modern life. With CoD ™ you can detoxify and strengthen your body in a natural way in 14 days without having to significantly change your daily routine. Gain new energy, free your body from toxins and recover from colds and infections.