CoD Roter Reis Kapseln

CoD Roter Reis

CoD Red Rice capsules

CoD ™ fermented red rice capsules: Lowering LDL- cholesterol and triglycerides safely without side effects.

 CoD ™ has made it its mission to produce red fermented rice at the highest and most advanced quality standards, and thus the patient optimal treatment success and provide guaranteed security at the same time.


 CoD ™red yeast rice capsules: Controlled quality , safety , efficacy:


The CoD ™ Red Rice capsules contain pure red yeast rice flour of a special rice specialty from South Asia of highest quality without any additives.


CoD ™ Red Rice contains the active cholesterol-lowering agent monacolin K (=lovastatin) in optimal concentration : 10mg/Tag , following EFSA recommendation (European Food Safety Authority ), EFSA Journal 2011; 9 (7): 2304

Monacolin K is present in its active hydroxy-acid form which has immediate lipid-lowering effect.


A special attribute of CoD ™ Red Rice capsules is also the strict control that it is citrinin-free ( Citrinin = toxic byproduct of the fermentation process ) . CoD ™ Red Rice capsules are regularly tested by independent institutes for their high quality and being free of citrinine.


CoD ™ - vegetarian quality without additives: Capsule content and capsule shell of the CoD ™ products are purely herbal and well tolerated. For the capsule cellulose from plant fibers
is used . The capsules contain no animal substances and no artificial additives. They are free of sugar, gluten , flavors, preservatives or other artificial substances.


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