“Health“ is far more than the absence of disease

The effects of CoD Subhealth


according to Western orthodox medicine as well as
- according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM):


Strengthening of the immune system, antioxidant activity against free radicals
Increased resistance to stress and rehabilitation in cases of burnout symptoms

- according to TCM: strengthening of Wei Qi and essence


Purging of the body from toxins such as nicotine or alcohol, inappropriate nutrition and toxic chemicals;
stimulation of cell metabolism
- according to TCM: purgation of body from pathogenic heat, excretion of expectorant, diversion of moist heat
Toning and fortification of liver Qi


Decrease of water retention inside tissue, reduction of "puffiness"

- according to TCM: removal of blood stasis and mucus



Regeneration and protection of the stomach lining
Improvement of gastrointestinal function

- according to TCM: support of stomach and spleen Qi

Invigoration of whole body, increase in energy levels

- according to TCM: fortification of Zhang-Fu function (5-organ system):
liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney system


Realignment of the body environment towards slight alkalinity (alkalinisation) in cases of acidification

- according to TCM: harmonisation of the functions of the 5 elements


Improvement of general well-being and quality of life
- according to TCM: harmonisation of Yin and Yang, harmonisation of Qi and blood circulation

Better wound healing and faster recovery after illnesses, operations and health examinations

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