CoD Subhealth capsules

CoD granules

CoD can also be consumed as tea

Intake and dosage of CoD Subhealth

Intake of capsules daily 30 minutes after a meal with ¼ L water as following:


for general revitalization and strengthening of the immune system, healthcare: 2-3 capsules (2-0-0 or 3-0-0)


for purification and regeneration (after excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, unhealthy diet), for reconstruction of weakness after prolonged illnesses or operations: 4 capsules (2-0-2 or 2-2-0)


for severe acute or chronic conditions: 6 capsules (3-0-3 or 2-2-2)


Higher Dosage on an individual basis is possible

CoD is also suitable for long-term use.



Important Note!
Due to the unique processing of CoD ™ capsules it is also possible to consume the content as a tea: Just open the required number of capsules, dissolve them in some hot water and drink it in small sips. This kind of administration is especially for people with swallowing problems or aversion to the capsules / tablets.


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