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CODTM combines active herbal ingredients from two centuries-old naturopathic treatments with modern technology to produce a new, ultra-effective product.

South America‘s Forces of the Rainforest® plus traditional Chinese medicine from Asia: over the course of more than 25 years’ practical application and accompanying research, a concentrated vegetable extract has been developed from this combination which is tailor made for the needs of modern people – boosting the body’s own resistance mechanisms, cell metabolism, and energy management.


In accordance with the holistic principle, the components of the CoD ™ herbal extract act in two mutually complementary ways which are essential for the conservation and recovery of health and well-being.

On the one hand CoD ™ has powerful purgative effects. Whatever causes the body stress is combined together and excreted. These problems usually build up over the course of many years and can have several causes: unhealthy living habits such as poor diet or excessive use of stimulants like alcohol and cigarettes, high stress levels at work and in private life, lack of exercise, or mental stress in daily life. At the same time CoD™ regenerates the weakened organism: the immune system is supported in its many functions and regenerated, cell metabolism is stimulated, and the energy balance of body and mind is restored.


This concept of simultaneous purification and fortification of the body reflects the philosophical concept of holism, which has been perfected in TCM and is respected in every treatment.

Body, mind and soul as a unit find new vitality and strength.

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